CPD activities should be relevant to the scope of your role as a health care professional. They should be of significant educational and practical content and deal primarily with matters directly related to your practice.
CPD activities cover a range of topics including but not limited to clinical practice. Therefore, while choosing CPD activities it should be relevant to clinical practice, but also focus on other aspects including developing other competencies such as communication, collaboration, health advocacy, management, professionalism and safety.
Opportunities for professional development are often identified in the workplace and much of the learning is undertaken as part of new situations that arise in everyday practice. Try to document every learning opportunity you have. The current CPD requirements are flexible enough to allow individuals to dictate their learning schedule and choose from a wide range of activities to meet their needs.
Category I credit hours can be claimed from Sections 1-3. It is advisable that credit hours be claimed from a variety of different sections. Please note that you can attend as many grand round activities as possible, however, you can only claim a maximum of 50% of Category I credit hours from that section. There are no other restrictions from other Category I activities.
Category II credits hours can be claimed from Sections 4-6. It is advisable to claim credit hours from a variety of sections. It is advisable to participate in as many activities as needed to meet your learning objectives. You can only claim the number of credit hours per year and cycle as outlined in Table 1.
Yes, but you cannot claim credit hours for these activities as these activities are considered promotional.
You can apply for these under personalized learning projects with a maximum of 2 credits per educational document.
If you cannot provide the required supporting documentation, then the activity cannot be validated and credits will have to be deleted from the CPD system.
All web-based continued medical education activities qualify as Section 4, Category II activities. You must keep a copy of the certificate of completion for online courses as a document of verification.
Participating in or chairing committees is not directly included within the learning activities of the CPD program, and therefore, you cannot claim CPD credit hours.
Participants cannot claim the hours they spend teaching or supervising residents or students in a hospital or office. However, teaching activities can be a rich stimulus for learning. In the preparation or delivery of teaching a session, participants may learn something that contributed to their clinical expertise. This learning can be documented as a personal learning project where teaching was the stimulus for learning.
A health care professional cannot claim credit for attending the same activity more than once unless there has been a substantial change in the material that had been presented.
A health care professional cannot claim credit for presenting the same material/session more than once, even if the CPD activity is different.
CPD activities must be recorded online in the CPD portal once it is operational.
Each cycle begins January 1 and concludes December 31 of the cycle’s final year. Online documentation of activities should be no later than January 31 of the following year. If you fail to document your activities within the extra time allotted (one month), the system will not permit you to enter back-dated activities.